French, Born May 12, 1949 in Algiers
Sculpture Symposiums
August 2016
2nd "Symposium des Amis" (stone) 
in Saint-Saturnin-les-Apt
August 2014
1st "Symposium des Amis" (stone) 
in Saint-Saturnin-les-Apt
September 2013
11th International Sculpture Symposium (stone) 
in Makole (Slovenia) - Scultura Viva in Makole
September 2010
8th International Sculpture Symposium (marble) 
in Makole (Slovenia) - Scultura Viva in Makole
June 2009
9th International Sculpture Symposium (Stone, Handwork) 
in Morges (Switzerland)
February 2009
14th International Sculpture Symposium (granite) 
in Valdivia (Chile)
May-June 2008
5th International Sculpture Symposium 
in Hue (Vietnam)
April-May 2007
« Melodies of Bronze » 
International Symposium in Penza (Russia)
July-August 2006
« Messages of the Body » 
International Sculpture Symposium in Pézenas (France)
Nov. 2005
An Giang Hallmark II 
International Stone Sculpture Symposium of Chau Doc (Vietnam)
June 2005
7th International Sculpture Symposium of Morges (Switzerland) 
Award : Bronze Myron (Stone, Handwork)
December 2012
"Les Hivernales de Paris-Est Montreuil" (Painting & Sculpture)
November 2010
Solo Exhibition (Painting & Sculpture)
in Bonn (Germany)
June 2007
Group Exhibition (Sculpture)
in Morges (Switzerland)
May 2007
Group Exhibition (Sculpture)
in Penza (Russia)
April & May 2007
Two different group exhibitions (Sculpture & Painting)
in Samara (Russia)
July-Aug. 2006
Group Exhibition (Sculpture)
in Pézenas (France)
Oct. 2005
« Salon d'Automne » (Sculpture)
in Paris
June 2005
Group Exhibition (Sculpture)
in Morges (Switzerland)
June 2004
Solo Exhibition 
Stone Sculpture (Conseil Général of Bouches-du-Rhône - France)
International Travelling Exhibition 
about the Fables by La Fontaine (infographic composition from my stone sculpture created for this purpose) : « Fox with Grapes »
Solo Exhibition (2 sites) 
Painting in Toursky Theater
Stone Sculpture in Emmaüs (Marseille - France)
Numerous group and solo exhibitions